3 Absolute Tips For Winterize Fire Pits

When it comes to keeping warm, you can either use an electric, gas or even firewood in your fire pit of choice. If the fire pit is outdoors, it is always important to ensure that it is properly taken care of at all times and especially during the winter.

If you are fond of decorating and improving outdoors and giving them a more comfy feeling, you need to work on some important things. If you happen to have an outdoor fire pit, you will need to winterize it if you want it to survive the harsh conditions. Once winter comes, it is not wise to use your outdoor fire pits for whatever reason. It is important that you take care of your fire pit so that it will be ready in spring. Winterizing your fire pit is not that difficult and can be done in no time if you happened to have all you need. The following are tips that you can use to make sure that your fire pit survives the winter and is ready for the spring:

Cleaning Out the Pit

The first step in making sure that your fire pit is in great condition the next time you use it, you will first need to clean it up. If you use wood, you will need to get rid of residual wood and the ashes in the fire pits. Leaving this stuff in your fire pit could lead to the wearing and tearing of the pit if left there for a long time. This can especially take place if water finds its way into the fire pit and you are not there to clear out the smudge of ashes and rotten firewood. It would be much easier and convenient for you if you had a strong vacuum like the one used in garages to clear out your fire pit.

Using a Pit Cover

During the winter time, the weather can get a lot harsher and it is important to ensure that your fire pits are well protected. The pit cover that you should invest in should be capable of keeping off both rain and snow during the winter. Use a cover that is designed in a way that it will not hold water on top of the pit, you need one that allows water to flow right over it and onto the ground. If you happen to have no cover, you can use some poles and a strong tent to cover the fire pit. The aim is to ensure that the pits stay free of water for the whole winter to keep them safe and ready for use when the winter is over.

Checking the Grate

The best fire pits are the ones that are maintained using the right means and at the right time. If you are using gas as fuel, you do not have to worry about this problem. On the other hand, if your fire pit uses wood for energy, you will need to check if your grate is in good condition. If exposed to extremely high or low temperatures can be bad for your grate; you need to coat it with powder or even using paint to ensure that it remains intact even with exposure to water.

Fire pits are very useful to a family and they can be used for a number of reasons such as providing warmth at night and bringing a family together after a long day. Make sure that you take care of yours if you want it to serve you for long.