Effective Ways of Keeping Your Roller Blinds Clean

You cannot obviously keep replacing your blinds whenever they collect lots of dust and dirt. You need to find a way of cleaning the type of blinds that you happen to be using in your house. Blinds such as the temporary blinds which are made of paper are hard to clean; all you can do is replace them when they are used up.

Blinds are one of the many ways that people tend to use when it comes to treating their windows. Whichever type of treatment you choose, it is important that you keep their appearance presentable at all times. Due to the fact that your roller blinds you have installed will eventually gain dirt, dust and other form of unwanted clutter, cleaning them from time to time is just not avoidable. There are different types of materials used for these blinds and that makes the cleaning process a bit complicated. You cannot just take the blinds and dip them in water since there are materials that should not be cleaned with lots of water. If you are looking to properly clean a roller blind and restore it back to its clean form, you should follow the steps below:

• Vacuuming The Blinds

If you have neglected your roller blinds for a long time, you need to be careful how to go about cleaning them. The first thing that you need to do is to ensure that you get rid of all the dust on your blinds. Once you get the blinds down from the window, use the brush attached at the front of your vacuum to scrub of the dust on your blinds. There will be accumulated dust and even dead bugs and you need to scrub them off and then vacuum the blinds thoroughly. It is important not to bring the blinds in contact with water especially when they are still covered in dust –this might make the cleaning messier.

• Using Water and Detergent

Once you have gotten rid of the dirt and dust on the roller blinds with the vacuum, it is time to wash them with water. Fill your bath tub or a big container with warm water and add some detergent in the water for good effect. Now take your blinds and soak them in the bath tub for a few hours for them to absorb the water with the detergent. If your blinds are white, you can go ahead and add some bleach in the water to ensure that they get back to their original looking color. Once the have absorbed some of the soapy water, use a cloth to scrub them gently form one side to the other till all the remaining dirt is removed.

• Rinsing The Blinds

Leaving your blinds soapy would largely contribute to the fast collection of dust with the soap acting as a magnet. Once you are through with the scrubbing of your roller blinds, pour the soapy water and fill the tub with clean water and rinse the blinds. Rinse the blinds several times to be sure that you get rid of all the traces of the soap you used to clean them. Once they are completely clean, you should lay them on a rack to dry to get rid of all the water.

When the roller blinds are completely dry, take them and attach them back to the windows. It is important that you never neglect your blinds and ensure you always clean them whenever they are starting to collect significant amounts of dust and dirt.