Unique and Interesting Items to Make Your Home More Creative

Whether you own a small studio apartment or a double story house, the chances of you wanting to make sure it looks artistic or creatively decorated are high. From your basic sofa to the light fixtures you can choose to keep things simple. Yet there are some items that you can choose in order to make your home look fancy without spending too much. Here are some unique and creative items that we think will give your home that oomph and vibrant effect you may desire.

The Creative Flower Holder

Place handmade African market baskets on the floor of your home and fill it with flowers on a regular basis. These are large colorful baskets make using tall grass known as African grass. They are completely handmade and hand dyed. They come in vibrant colors and can be used for your marketing needs. If you prefer simply use it as your decorative piece and have your family and friends talking about it. They are flexible so it gives you the opportunity to reshape them into any shape you want. It will such a hit that you will want to buy more to gift them to your admirers.

The Egg that’s Worth Talking About

Hand-painted ostrich eggshells are such a lovely piece of decor that you cannot refuse to have in your home. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs. Each egg shell has its own story. The painters have the freedom to pain what they please and present you with some unique pieces that will surely be a piece for every visitor to talk about. You will want to place in an area away from little fingers and hands as they will break if handled roughly or dropped. After all, they are simply eggshells. You could get it placed in a place that will give it just the right kind of lighting and attention it needs.

Hand Painted Drums

There are some unique handcrafted and hand-painted drums all the way from the continent of Africa. These are great pieces to be kept in your home for the purpose of decorations only. They might not be the best sounding drums but they definitely do a great job of looking fancy in your home. Some of these drums come with unrefined cowhide and give it a really unique twist. Make sure you keep it in a place where it will receive the right attention.

River Stone Crafts

Handcrafted river stones are another great addition to your coffee table and conversation. These are hand crafted and hand painted in to different shapes. Some have a story painted on them while some are simply animals that can double up as paper weights. You can even consider this as a great gift idea for your co-workers and friends. Some of these do come specifically made as paper weights. So if you are considering it for a gift, them it would be a good idea to get one make for functionality.